Delicia Cordon Gives More Details About Events Leading To Vicious Pistol Whipping Attack Allegedly Orchestrated By LeSean McCoy

Delicia Cordon Details Events Surrounding Vicious Attack

After reports and graphic photos surfaced that LeSean McCoy’s estranged girlfriend Delicia Cordon had been brutally attacked inside his home, the player released a statement absolving himself of any direct involvement or contact with his (ex?) girlfriend. Documents also surfaced revealing that he had filed court documents to have her and her children evicted from his home in early June.

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However, Delicia’s attorney has been giving more of her side of the story, and detailing what occurred leading up to the brutal attack she suffered early Monday morning.

Delicia admits in court documents that she and LeSean were indeed estranged, as she had not seen him since he left for team activities in late May. However, no eviction attempt nor any discussion regarding her and her children leaving the home had ever occurred prior to his attempt to have friends and family illegally evict her on June 1st, while both she and LeSean were out of town. As a matter of fact, she claims they had had several discussions about moving their relationship toward marriage, punctuated by a “substantial gift” from LeSean to Delicia.

Next thing you know, Delicia saw via live feed to her cell phone of the home’s security cameras that acquaintances of LeSean’s were removing her belongings from the home while she was out of state attending her sister’s graduation. She called cops to report trespassers robbing the home, and police put a stop to things.

It wasn’t until June 6 — five days after that illegal eviction attempt — that LeSean had papers filed to have Delicia and her children formally put out of the home, which she alleges he had a third party (who actually spelled LeSean’s first name incorrectly on the document) complete on his behalf.

While Delicia’s attorney makes no direct claim that LeSean indeed orchestrated the attack, he points out that there was no sign of forced entry when the attack occurred. He also points out that the assailant demanded specific jewelry items that LeSean had previously instructed Delicia to return to him during prior disagreements. He notes that LeSean had also previously directly told Delicia that she was likely to be robbed of those very items at some point.

SMH, this is a messed up story all around. Hit the flip for photos of Delicia post-attack, and read Delicia’s official statement detailed account of what occurred for yourself…

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