Why In the Hollandaise Hell Is “Lando” Glover Not The Star Of “Solo: A Star Wars Story?”

“Lando” Glover Steals The Solo Movie In One Trailer

Life’s completely unfair, spiteful and cruel. No, seriously, life will punch you in the face, kick over your sandcastle and slap you with an unwanted Star Wars flick (Solo: A Star Wars Story) that’s about the WRONG PERSON.

And it’s absolutely infuriating because: A) diverse movies with extraordinary characters of color (like Di Bleck Pentha) are the wave B) Lucasfilm clearly didn’t get the memo about A) and C) rising superstar Donald Glover isn’t the star of a SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER THAT HE CLEARLY SHOULD BE THE STAR OF. LOOK AT HIM, HE’S THE COOLEST CHARACTER WITH THE FLYEST FABRICS IN A MOVIE THAT CHOSE TO FOCUS ON A SWAGLESS MAYO MANNEQUIN OF AN ACTOR. SMH.

Sadly, it’s a modern tragedy that makes us wish for the world to end sooner but at least we have zillions of strangers across Al Gore’s internet who agree with us.

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    Land–err, Solo swoops into theaters May 25th.

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