Youngest In Charge: Marsai Martin Talks Executive Producing And Starring In ‘LITTLE’ At Only 14-Years-Old!

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Marsai Martin Talks Producing And Starring In Upcoming Universal Pictures Film ‘Little’

If you’ve already seen the trailer for the new film ‘Little’ which was launched immediately you in all probability have a good suggestion of simply how unimaginable main woman Marsai Martin is — however BOSSIP had the chance to go on set with the actress — who at solely 14 can be EXECUTIVE PRODUCING the movie alongside along with her father Josh Martin and Regina Hall.

It seems that Martin got here up with the idea when she was simply ten-years-old, and the actress, alongside along with her mother and father, introduced the thought to “blackish” creator Kenya Barris (who together with Will Packer and James Lopez, can be producing the film).

Marsai teased the approaching trailer earlier this week on Instagram

We came upon on set simply how strategic Martin is, as she described the way it all took place:

“I was talking to Daddy and Mommy about some of their favorite movies when they were growing up and one of mine was ‘BIG’ with Tom Hanks,” Martin advised BOSSIP and different media in the course of the set go to final fall. “So that’s really how the idea was brought out, that’s where it all started and we started brainstorming, to see how we could create a black girl magic situation.”

After developing with the essential define the Martins wasted no time making an attempt to carry their daughter’s idea to life.

“At the Season 1 of “blackISH,” I feel it was the season finale, dad went to Kenya like ‘Marsai has this dope concept,’” the actress recalled. “Kenya ended up liking it and proper after was calling Will [Packer] like ‘Yo… Diane from “blackish” has a dope concept.” After that we had a gathering with him and James [Lopez] and after that he purchased it and after that we went to Universal and so they purchased it and it wasn’t lengthy earlier than we shot it. I imply like, three years?”

“I’m very grateful and very honored that they were just like saying yes to this 10-year-old who just popped out with this blazer and all of these things,” Martin stated. “They could have said no but they actually believed in me and the story we wanted to tell.”

The younger starlet says she has aspirations of some day internet hosting “SNL” or the “Emmy’s” and experiencing the form of success that she may retire at 18.

“But I won’t!” Marsai promised.

Well — if the Academy is listening they might have their excellent host proper right here.

In the meantime, Martin’s father is targeted on ensuring his daughter is simply as profitable at life as she is the movie business.

“One of the things we teach her is to live in the moment,” Josh Martin stated of his teenage daughter. “Live in your moment, you don’t have to worry about what two years from now looks like. Live in your now and enjoy it! There’s no rush to grow up. Don’t start thinking too far ahead because life happens.”

Marsai’s early success isn’t any shock to her father, who says by the age of two she was an avid movie buff, having fun with tasks like ‘Lackawanna Blues’ and the Ray Charles biopic ‘Ray,’ which she may mimic with out truly watching.

“It would be playing behind her on a screen and she would be mirroring all the moves. It was funny, she became this family party favor, grandparents would be sippin’ on something and be like ‘Look, look, do the thing…’” Josh Martin recalled. “We kinda stumbled up on it. All of this just fell into place and I’m glad it did because she really loves it.”

One specific angle of ‘Little’ that hit significantly near house was the underlying message about bullying that’s on the core of the storyline.

“Jordan when she’s 13-years-old, she’s just like this sweet quirky girl, doesn’t care what anyone thinks and the more she grows up she realizes ‘Oh snap, people are bullying me, what can I do to stop this?” Marsai says. “So she started bullying them first. She thought that was the solution for people to stop messing with her.”

Martin’s dad advised BOSSIP that on this period of social media, he’s significantly proud that his daughter hasn’t allowed on-line bullying to have an effect on her in any respect.

“I can tell you this, the social media has been a gift and a curse, because before she was fully engaged in being this Hollywood actress she was following people like Beyoncé, people she liked, YouTubers, then she got to read comments and see a lot of people just wanted to see a reaction so she got to see how a lot of how social media worked and what she wanted her voice to be on social media and when she saw something she knew not to react. One of the things we taught her was not to look at the comments. One day somebody had said something to Skai Jackson and Skai responded and the only thing the person said was, “Oh my God, Skai replied to me.” And she was like “Oh, this is how it works?” She’s a very massive fan of Beyoncé and he or she used to learn a number of the feedback that individuals would go away about Beyoncé and he or she noticed she wouldn’t give them any consideration, I additionally make certain my presence is felt wherever she is, I let or not it’s identified she has a mom and a father and I’ll make a scene as a result of I don’t care.”

Well her movie beginnings could also be ‘LITTLE’ however it’s clear there are massive issues to return sooner or later for Marsai and it feels like she’s acquired an awesome staff behind her — each skilled and household.

Stay tuned for extra nice protection from our set go to coming quickly. Don’t overlook, ‘LITTLE’ lands in theaters April 12!

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